When it comes to creating a unique space to relax and unwind in, you can get lost in all the options for paint, tile, vanities, sinks, accessories, faucets, mirrors and lighting! Bathroom renovations are already complicated enough, and having a theme picked out that matches both your tastes and your home’s décor. Find inspiration in our list of some of the most popular bathroom themes others have come up with, and start creating your new bathroom today!

1. Bold & Blue

bathroom renovation ideas


Blue is an amazing color for creating a sense of peace and relaxation. As a color that reminds us of the sea, decorate a bold blue bathroom with sea shells, starfish, or whatever aquatic Knick knacks you desire!

2. The Beauty of Grey

Bathroom Renovation Packages

Muted, neutral, and oh-so elegant, use shades of grey (not the book) to create a wonderful, monotone space. Use grey between all your accessories, with stainless steel appliances to add a pinch of glamour!

3. Accents of Orange

Bathroom Theme Ideas

Orange reminds of fresh citrus and summer nights, so why not add a splash of it to your bathroom? Have fun deciding which parts of your bathroom to make orange – just the towels? Maybe the trim on the mirror? Be creative!

4. Dark Stained

Calgary Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Hues of black and grey come together to create a regal and beautiful theme. Add black to the countertops and tiles for a sultry bathroom, or add touches of black to the walls to make it bolder. How you use it – is up to you.

5. Colourful Greens

Bathroom Renovation Inspiration

Nothing says “Wake Up!” in the morning quite like bright, vibrant greens. Use lime green or forest colors to bring the outdoors in. By adding white you can make it clean and fresh all at once.

6. Home Spa

Bathroom Renovations Calgary

7. Minimalism

Bathroom Theme Renovation Ideas

For a sleek, modern, sophisticated look, go for minimalism. Less is more with this look, and while typically more expensive, these appliances are well-made and impressive. Ideal for condos or singles, but not be mistaken for the couple with a fashionable eye!

8. Rustic

bathroom renovation ideas

The feeling of coming home; the comfort and cozy atmosphere of an old-fashioned bathroom. This doesn’t mean it’s less luxurious, but uses more wood textures and less glamour to create a relaxing space. Use warm colors on the walls to complete your rustic bathroom set!

If you like one of the ideas you see here today, or are curious about bathroom renovations, no time is better to start than right now! Get all the information you need on bathroom renovations at Western today!