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When allowing a company into your homes, and your personal spaces, while entrusting those people to be experts and professionals in their fields, you want to ensure that you are receiving the renovation that you are promised and paying for.

At Western, you don’t have to worry.

A quarter of a century of experience is not all that we have to offer our customers.

As the same company that introduced entire bathroom renovation packages to Southern Alberta, we pride ourselves in our area of specialty, knowing the in’s and out’s of the best methods, products, workmanship and professionalism in the bathroom renovation industry.

Aside from helping pioneer the industry in the beautiful homes of Calgary and surrounding area’s, Western has been around long enough to carry the wisdom needed in the field today.

We know that, usually, there are loopholes in the knowledge behind the ‘jack-of-all-trades’ claims, which is why here at Western Bathrooms, the different tasks involved in your renovation are completed by specialists with vast experience in that specific role. Not one person can be an expert in every duty, so we find those who are proven specialists entirely in one.

Our belief since day one on the job has been that we believe in quality, not quantity. We assure to our clients the appropriate and respective time and full attentiveness to each renovation that we craft.
This has allowed Western to focus on your renovations single-handedly, up close and personal since the first day you let us into your homes to renovate all those years ago.
We schedule our jobs around the notion that every in-home spa experience we are responsible for creating receives our full attention during the entire process.

There is so much excitement around creating your in-home spa. We don’t just renovate your bathroom, we help give you a little oasis all your own during your days.

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